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Note from our Creative Director 


When I started Isle of White, it was really important for me to produce ethical and sustainable fashion with fine fabrics, but also deliver them to our customer at a reasonable price point. I wanted to encourage shopperS to care about the faces behind the garments and the environment in which it was produced and be able to see transparently how their spending can create an impact in the world.

We work alongside our manufacturer, Yogi & Boo Garment Manufacturing, located in Bali, to ensure our ethical mission is completed in every order. 

Yogi & Boo make ethical and sustainable production a priority in their daily business conduct.

In relation to their staff, Y&B notably provide superannuation, healthcare and life insurance to every employee who has worked over 12 months in the organisation. In addition they offer: hospital cover, an employee retirement fund, two weeks full paid annual leave, full pay sick leave for an unlimited amount of time, a 40 hour work week, compliance with government regulations in relation to staff, micro lending for advance pay when asked and an innovative, modern workplace with air-conditioning, and natural lighting.

But it is not only treatment of staff that was a huge consideration of where we would have our collection produced.

We also care about the environment in which the garments are made. We are fortunate that Y&B also use biodegradable plastic in packaging, even banning staff use of disposable plastics in the factory such as lunch wrapping and plastic bottles. The factory also sponsors a Bengal Tiger, and makes vast contributions to the community around them by donating to local youth programs and the Metta Mama Orphanage in Denpasar, Bali.

Finally, we encourage sustainability by offering fine fabrics produced with a high workmanship so garments can be retained for years to come. While fast fashion serves its purpose to many, the "wear once or twice and throw away" mentality has a huge impact environmentally which we cannot turn our backs on. Where possible, we try to use 100% organic cotton, 100% silk, viscose crepe fujiette and other luxury fabrics that are soft on the skin, can be washed easily and retain colour and shape after washing.

As a result, our customers will find often find our garments being priced better than some fast fashion outlets using sub-par fabrics and dubious production practices. In our mind, this is a win/win scenario for our customers, as well as the supply chain and the environment at large.

We appreciate the support from our customers to attain this mission, and we encourage you to email us at if you would like any further information on our sustainability initiatives.

Yours in wanderlust,
Tashana xx


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